AccuPower® PyroHotStart Taq PCR PreMix from Bioneer

A Taq based HotStart PCR master mix with a unique PyroHotStart method for DNA amplification

Ordering Information

The AccuPower® PyroHotStart Taq PCR PreMix is a PCR master mix containing a thermostable DNA polymerase, thermostable pyrophosphatase, reaction buffer, dNTPs, tracking dye, and patented stabilizer in a ready to use hotstart PCR master mix.
Bioneer uses a unique enzyme-mediated HotStart PCR system that provides robust, sensitive and reliable results.
Bioneer's Taq DNA Polymerase is inhibited at lower temperatures (< 70°C) by pyrophosphate. This prevents the formation of mis-primed products and primer-dimers during the reaction set up process resulting in improved PCR specificity. However, Taq DNA Polymerase is rendered fully active at temperatures above 70°C via pyrophosphate hydrolysis with a thermostable pyrophosphatase (Figure 1). AccuPower® PyroHotStart Taq PCR PreMix is ideal for nucleic acid amplification reactions involving complex genomic or cDNA templates, very low copy targets, and multiplex reactions.

 Figure 1. The mechanism of an enzyme-mediated hotstart PCR

Features and Benefits

Ease of use: Just add template DNA, primers and water to start your reaction.
dNTPs, buffer and enzyme are provided.
Robust Stability: Stable at room temperature for a month, at 4°C for one year and for 2 years in a -20°C freezer.
Improved specificity: Unique enzyme mediated PyroHotstart system results in greater specificity and more robust reactions
Reproducibility: Bioneer's strict quality controlled production system ensures that your results will be reproducible experiment after experiment.

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