Protein expression and purification from Bioneer

A line of instrumentation and kits designed for synthesis and
purification of high-quality protein – rapidly and easily

Selection Guide

With the latest technology and years of experience designing and manufacturing products for protein synthesis and purification, Bioneer is pleased to showcase our Accu- and Exi- series products for protein science. These products are designed to simplify your protein work in a cost-effective way.

At the cutting edge, Bioneer has recently launched the world's first automated protein synthesis/purification and nucleic acid purification system: ExiProgen.
ExiProgen™ makes protein synthesis and purification as easy as a thermal cycler makes PCR. In order to achieve this ease of use, we have developed the ExiProgen™ EC Protein Synthesis Kit for cell-free in vitro protein expression and purification.
The technology is based on the AccuRapid™ Cell-Free Protein Expression Kit and Ni-NTA magnetic beads used in our AccuPrep® His-tagged Protein Purification Kit. The ExiProgen EC Protein Synthesis kit is able to express and purify up to 16 unique proteins in parallel in less than 6 hours.

BIONEER's line of protein-related products not only perform standard protein expression and purification, but also provide an automated system on which to perform the tasks, providing the optimal solution needed to enter the Bio 2.0 era.

All protein-related products are mass produced under a one-batch system governed by ISO 9001 quality standards for world-class results and utmost reproducibility.

Features and Benefits

ExiProgen™/ExiProgen™ EC Protein Synthesis Kit

 Fully automatic: DNA-in-Protein-out:
ExiProgen™ EC Kit and AccuRapid Cell-Free Protein Expression Kit require only the addition of template DNA which can be in to form of an expression vector such as pBIVT or a PCR product as can be made with the ExiProgen™ ProXpress PCR Template Kit.

 Parallel Process
Obtain from 1 to 16 different proteins in a single run.

 High performance
All systems allows for synthesis of proteins that are toxic to in vivo expression systems.

The only hands-on step is the addition of template DNA, maximizing reproducibility.

 Fast procedure
The in vitro (cell-free) protein synthesis system does not require time-consuming cell culture processes.

AccuRapid™ Cell-Free Protein Expression Kit/ ExiPrep™ & AccuPrep® His-tagged Protein Purification Kit

AccuRapid™ Cell-Free Protein Expression Kit reactions are carried out in just 3 hours. His-Tag purification can be accomplished in 30 minutes!

The AccuRapid™ Cell-Free Protein Expression Kit contains all necessary components for transcription and translation.
Simply add template and incubate!

The AccuRapid™ Cell-Free Protein Expression Kit can synthesize proteins from various DNA templates.

 SSMB (Spherical Shape Magnetic Beads) for His-Tag purification
SSMB beads have increased surface area by virtue of their size and eliminate the carryover problems of rough surfaced magnetic particles.