ExiProgen™ EC-Disulfide Protein Synthesis Kit from Bioneer

ExiProgen™ EC-Disulfidee Protein Synthesis Kit enables it to automatically synthesize target protein with disulfide bonds. It can be much more effectively used than cell based protein expression system because it can synthesizes protein with up to nine disulfide bonds.

Ordering Information

This kit is used for synthesizing a protein that contains disulfide bonds using ExiProgen™. Used in conjunction with ExiProgen™, it can synthesize a protein that contains up to nine disulfide bonds in a fully automated manner and more efficiently than using cell-based synthesis. After adding template DNA and associated reagents into ExiProgen™ and using protocol No. 905, the target protein can be synthesized within a day. All processes, including protein synthesis and dialysis, are performed in an automated manner and the final protein is harvested in any storage buffer of choice.

Features and Benefits

 Protein synthesis with disulfide bond
   This kit is used to synthesize a protein that has two or more disulfide bonds, providing its intact function.

 Fully automated: DNA-in-Protein (in storage buffer)-out
   Purified target protein is eluted in a storage buffer of choice.

 Parallel processing system
   1-8 different proteins can be synthesized in a single run.

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