AccuBead™ Silica Coated Magnetic Bead

Spherical-shaped magnetic beads for superior results

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Many research institutes and industries are applying magnetic beads into their applications. They use this material either for cell-based experiments or nucleic acid purification for disease monitoring as well as developing treatments (among other uses). Bioneer's magnetic beads have an average diameter in the range of 1 to 5 µm, and can be coated with a variety of functional groups. The functional groups allow binding of, for example, DNA, RNA, protein or specific cells.
By using an external magnetic field, the magnetic beads can be separated with their bound products for isolation and purification.

Features and Benefits

 Bead Size:
The average particle size of silica coated magnetic beads is 1-5 um. AccuBead™ provides the optimal size for attaching
bio-molecules for research, purification and functional studies.

 Shape and Uniformity:
AccuBead™ s completely spherical unlike most other magnetic beads. The average particle size distribution is comparatively uniform, and the smooth surface eliminates carryover of impurities common to rough-surfaced beads.

Because the silica magnetic beads are spherical and uniform, DNA/RNA or protein purification can be performed with
outstanding efficiency and reproducibility.
The magnetic property of the bead allows an external magnetic field to be applied for quick separation.

Each batch is produced under strict quality controls. Errors that commonly occur during mass production are eliminated during
the individual packaging process. Bioneer's current batch processing system allows for the production of more accurate and reproducible end-product yield.

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