AccuRapid™ Cell-Free protein expression kit from Bioneer

AccuRapid™ Cell-Free Protein Expression kit is designed for in vitro transcription and translation of target DNA to protein in a single reaction.

Ordering Information

AccuRapid™ Cell-Free Protein Expression Kit contains an optimized E. coli extract containing T7 RNA polymerase for transcription and all necessary components for translation. When combined with the AccuRapid™ Master mix supplied in the kit, all other required components including amino acids, rNTPs, and appropriate salts are provided enabling the expression of high levels of recombinant proteins. This kit contains reagents for 24 reactions, and each 45 ul reaction can express up to 20 µg of protein in only 3 hours directly from a variety of DNA templates which contain T7 promoter, T7 terminator and RBS (ribosomal binding site).

Features and Benefits

 DNA-in-Protein-out simplicity: Simply add expression vector or PCR products to the Cell-Free Protein Extract/MasterMix.
 Rapid protocol: The entire protocol is complete in 3 hours!
 Excellent yield: Each reaction well can yield up to 20 µg of protein in only 3 hours.
 Reproducibility: Minimal pipetting steps to maximize reproducibility.

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