ExiProgen™ EC Protein Synthesis

ExiProgen™ EC Protein Synthesis Kit is designed for synthesis and
purification of high-quality protein in under 6 hours -
simply add template DNA.

Ordering Information

Bioneer's ExiProgen™ EC Protein Synthesis Kit is designed for in vitro (cell-free) expression and high-yield Histidine-Tag affinity purification of proteins by using the world's first automated protein synthesis and nucleic acid extraction system "ExiProgen™". 1 to 16 different types of highly pure proteins can be obtained from each run. Each reaction needs only 6-10 µg of DNA, which can be in the form of an expression vector such as Bioneer's pBIVT or a PCR product using the ExiProgen™ ProXpress PCR Template Kit. Because the entire process is automated, you will obtain reliable and reproducible results run after run.

Principle of protein synthesis and purification

ExiProgen™ EC Protein Synthesis Kit contains optimized reagents for efficient expression of various protein types, and also contains reagents and Ni-NTA magnetic beads for purification of expressed proteins. Target proteins synthesized from recombinant plasmid DNAs are bound to Ni-NTA magnetic beads and washed with washing buffer for highly pure proteins.

Features and Benefits

 Fully automatic: DNA-in-Protein-out
   Input 6~10 µg of template DNA and load the kit into ExiProgen™ for high-purity proteins within 6 hours.

 Parallel Process
   Obtain from 1 to 16 different proteins in a single run.

 High performance
   The system allows for synthesis of proteins that are toxic to in vivo expression systems.

 High purity and High yield
   Each reaction well will yield up to 100ug protein that is over 90% pure.

   The only hands-on step is the addition of template DNA, maximizing reproducibility.

 Fast process
   The in vitro (cell-free) protein synthesis system does not require a time-consuming cell culture process.

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