MagListo™ Protein A Kit from Bioneer

MagListo™ Protein A Kit uses magnetic beads to purify antibody at fast and easy steps.

Ordering Information

MagListo™ Protein A Kit provides silica based magnetic nanobeads conjugated with highly purified Protein A (Purity > 95 %) and necessary buffers required for protein purification. Protein A Magnetic NanoBeads can be used for a simple and a quick purification of IgG due to a fast response rate produced by the magnet. MagListo™ Protein A Kit is not only for antibody purification, but for other immuno-precipitation purposes, such as antigen purification, protein-protein interaction, and cell separation.

Features and Benefits

Fast Binding:

Powerful magnetism reduces experiment time and increases yield.

Large Surface Area:

Average diameter of 400 nm provides large surface and allows high binding capacity.


Globular beads reduce non-specific binding.

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