MagListo™ His-tagged Protein Purification Kit from Bioneer

Fast micro scale purification of 6x His-tagged protein

Ordering Information

Bioneer's Ni-NTA (nickel-nitrilotriacetic acid) magnetic silica resins are silica beads, with an average diameter of 400 nm, have Ni-NTA covalently bound to their surface.
These Ni-NTA magnetic silica beads exhibit outstanding affinity to His-tagged proteins and feature our SSMB (Spherical-Shaped Magnetic Bead) technology that provides increased surface area (due to the small size of the beads), without the issue of impurity carryover common with magnetic particles that have a rough-surface.
Ni-NTA magnetic agarose beads are supplied as a 10% (v/v) suspension with an average binding capacity of 500 ug protein per ml of suspension for 6x His-tagged protein.

Features and Benefits

 Flexible: The protocol may be carried out with a magnet or via centrifugation.
 Excellent performance: Highly pure proteins are obtained through our exclusive SSMB (Spherical-Shape Magnetic Beads).
 High purity and High yield: Average binding capacity of 500 μg protein per ml of suspension for 6x His-tagged protein. Purity that is > 90%.
 Reproducibility: The only hands-on step is the addition of protein extract, maximizing reproducibility.
 Fast process: The entire purification is complete in about 30 minutes!

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