ExiProgen™ EC-Maxi Protein Synthesis Kit from Bioneer

ExiProgen™ EC-Maxi Protein Synthesis Kit enables it to synthesize large scale of protein using the patented SECF (Stepwise Exchange Cell-Free) Protein Synthesis technology.

Ordering Information

This kit is for automated large scale synthesis of a target protein using the patented SECF(Stepwise Exchange Cell-Free) protein synthesis technology. After adding template DNA into ExiProgen™ and choosing protocol No. 903, up to 500 µg of target protein can be automatically synthesized within a day. All processes including protein synthesis and dialysis will be performed in an automated fashion and the final protein harvested in a storage solution of choice.

Features and Benefits

 Fully automatic: DNA-in-Protein (in storage buffer)-out
   By simply installing 1-10 µg of template DNA into ExiProgen™, the target protein is synthesized and harvested in
   any storage buffer of choice.

 Parallel processing
   1-8 different proteins can be synthesized in a single run.

 High purity and high yield
   Up to 500 µg of protein can be obtained per well with a purity of >90%.

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