ExiProgen™ ProXpress PCR Template Kit from Bioneer

ExiProgen™ ProXpress PCR Template Kit is the most optimized product for preparing template DNA for protein synthesis on the ExiProgen™.

Ordering Information

This Kit is for the generation of template DNA using PCR without cloning process, providing all required reagents except the 1st primer set needed for the amplification of the target gene. The template DNA generated can be used to produce a target protein on manual procedure or on ExiProgen™.

Features and Benefits

 Protein synthesis (expression and purification) without cloning within 1 day
   Template DNA can be easily generated by just two step PCR from cDNA or genomic DNA in about 7 hours.
   Therefore, target protein can be produced within a day using this kit with ExiProgen™.

 Accurate protein template by high fidelity PCR
   Because this kit uses AccuPower® ProFi Taq PCR premix and long & high fidelity PCR premix, you can obtain a
   high quality template DNA with a minimal occurrence of error in the sequence.

 High efficiency
   This kit has been thoroughly optimized to ExiProgen™ so that small quantity of DNA can be used to produce up to 100 µg
   of protein. (Optimal DNA quantity: A gene <1 Kb, 500 ng; A gene size of 1-2 Kb, 1 ug).

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